FAQ Help

This site is in BETA Testing period... Detailed FAQ / HELP page will be updated on 1st February 2016 officially.


Every user registration requires to activate their registration by clicking the validation mail in their email. You may (not now) ask to validate your To Let Postings too in the same way.


1. How to Upload photos / images for the to let posting you make?

There is a GREEN color box with a title of CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD. If you click it you shall upload upto 3 photos related to your post. Click it and add files. you shall also Drag and Drop from your PC or from any of your devices image folder.

3. How to change profile picture?

This function is not enabled now and may be enabled on February.

4. What is SEO Meta Description?

Just add some keyword related to your TO LET POST in keyword section and leave every other things blank. If you are an expert in posting listing on internet you shall do it in this seo section. Or else you shall just leave this section as it is and move to the next section.

5. For how long this service will be free?

This service will be free for ever as this is sponsored by AOS.

You shall write to


 or through the contact page.

6. Whome to contact, if i face some technical difficulty in posting TO LET LISTING?

You shall contact our technical assistance Mr. Rajan at his number 9994818463. You need to speak in English Only.